Discover qualified prospects in real time from social media

Resift monitors Twitter for people interested in similar products as yours or who tweet about relevant topics and finds their email address

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Monitor competitors, mentions and tweets for qualified prospects

Steal customers from your competitors

We track every interaction of your competitors on Twitter to find potential customers. We sift through their followers, mentions and tweets to find profiles that match your criteria.

Find people tweeting about certain hashtags or keywords

You can use hashtag and keyword feeds to find prospects that have issues your product or service solves, business events, unsatisfied customers of your competitors, people looking for solutions or alternatives, etc

Powerful filtering capabilities

It's true that signal to noise ratio is high on social platforms, but with the right filters in place, the data becomes very valuable. Resift allows you to filter by different criteria like Bio keywords, the number of followers, websites, etc... and shows only real people, no spam or ghost accounts.

Turn twitter profiles into verified email addresses. Export to CSV.

Find emails from leads that you accept

Our platform gives you daily a list of qualified leads that you can accept or decline. Once accepted, we use multiple techniques to find the right email address. Note that this is not the email of the Twitter account, as that's kept private by Twitter.

Warm up your leads and get more followers

When you accept a lead, can also follow the profile and like the matching/last tweet so your name be recognized when the prospect reads your email. Moreover, this feature will also help you increase your followers base, whether you contact the person or not.

Download the leads list as CSV

After enough leads are found you can export them as a CSV file. There are 14 variables you can export, including email, bio, handle, id, etc. For the prospects where the email was not found, you can use their id to run a highly targeted Twitter ads campaign.

Some examples of how can discover fresh leads


From competitors' followers

There's no doubt that some of the people following your competitors on Twitter will be interested in your product.

Reach out to them by offering a better deal with a personalized and friendly message. Using a subject like "Since you follow {competitor} on Twitter" will assure you a good open rate.


From related/complementary product followers

The products that are usually used together with your product and target the same market can become a good source of qualified leads.

In your outreach email you can state how and why the 2 products work well together with a short pitch about your product.


From influencers' followers

When someone follows an influencer, it's a good sign he/she is somehow involved in the market. Influencers that tweet predominantly about your niche will be a perfect source for leads.

A good outreach tactic is to show you are familiar with the influencer in the introduction, like "Have you read his last book/blog post about...". You can go further and send a helpful and relevant resource first.


From mentions and conversations of your competitors

You can leverage the interactions of potential clients with your competitors by monitoring their conversation using to:competitor_handle or mentions @competitor_handle query in your feeds.

You don't really need to use an email outreach for this, as you can easily reply directly from the dashboard. You can like or retweet prospects' tweets from there as well.


From people who share/tweet relevant URLs like blog posts

If you know some popular blogs that attract your target market, you can use their URL to find prospects that share, retweet or discuss what bloggers posted. To achieve this, just put the url in the feed query.

You can either do a smart pitch by linking your product features with the content of the blog(post) or you can use a safe approach by offering a valuable resource your prospects might be interested in.


From people who attend conferences in your industry

You can easily find prospects from people who attend certain conferences relevant to your business by monitoring the conference #hashtag.

If you are attending the conference, you can send an email to introduce yourself. If you are not attending, find a connection between the conference and your product and use that in your outreach email.


From people who tweet about certain hashtags/keywords from a specific location

We support almost all operators from Twitter search(like excluding tweets that contain particular words, excluding links and retweets, etc). Our location feature helps you limit the results to specific cities.


From people asking questions around a particular topic

Combine some relevant keywords with a question mark ? and you'll be able to find people asking for help, for recommendations, asking about features and so on.


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